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• 1/15/2013

2013-01-15 Tuesday

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• 1/15/2013

Seeing how a person interacts with LiFe using the headset makes me think that it would be really hard to fight in the Game with it.  And considering that it is supposed to be better than the keyboard, I can see why Sandra thought it impressive that Kleya could play so fast.

• 1/19/2013

I know.  I imagine how hard it would be to play without a Kido.

Just now, I've started wondering: How did Bloody Jane get a Kido?  She has to have one, because she's played The Game before.  She's an outsider, so maybe a Kido was transported to her.  How about Danni, is she playing in a Kido?  I imagine her in a hospital, so would there be enough Kidos for people in hospitals to just lie in them?

Given what Aneeka said about the Kidos, I think it might be for that, as well.  The newer models have feeding tubes and massagers, so it could act just like a hospital bed, which duals as a gaming device.  I'm starting to think that Kidos are also used as medical equipment.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

• 1/20/2013

But do you need a Kido to play in the Game?  Maybe Bloody Jane is really good with her equipment.  I doubt that they would ship her Kido.  She has to pass the Game trials first before they would do that and if she can pass the Game trials with her equipment, then she's probably fine.  Also, we know that Sandra wasn't completely surprised that Kleya did so well with a keyboard setup.  She just wanted to use the Kido offer as a way to lure Kleya to her City.

And I like your idea about using the Kido as a medical device.  It would make a lot of sense.  You have a person who is in serious condition but has a functioning brain.  Just hook her up to the Kido and you can communicate with her in LiFe (or whatever they had pre-Ending).  It could also be another reason why the City wanted to get rid of Danni.

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