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• 1/16/2013

World Map

Does anyone have a copy of the worldmap that was an incentive?
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• 1/16/2013

I was able to find it in my cache.  I'll be putting it up on the Reality page once I've cropped out just the map.

• 1/16/2013

I've posted the map. We've got brownish areas and green dots on the top part and red, yellow, and green dots on the bottom.

There are 13 yellow dots and 7 red dots. Based on the knowledge that Japan City is functioning and Germany City is not, I think the red dots are defunct cities (since there is a red dot in Germany) and yellow dots are active cities (since there is a yellow dot in Japan). Someone in the comic's comments mentioned how the one in Antartica (on the left) has a bunch of green dots which could indicate that it is TenKa since it is the largest City.

I'm not entirely sure of what to make about the brownish areas in the top map. Nor do I know what the smaller dots are.

• 1/19/2013

I also suspect that the yellow dots are functioning cities, and red are defunct cities.  If I had to guess, I would say that the green dots on the bottom map are either trade robots or research stations or something.

Maybe the top map has to do with volcanoes?

• 1/20/2013

I was thinking the top map dealt with the destruction but it isn't obvious.  First thought was that it is showing flooding since a lot of the brown area is near the coast.  But all of the United States is brown and it would be hard to flood the Rocky Mountains.  Volcanoes also doesn't work because the western coast of South America should have volcanoes.  Also, are there any volcanoes in Saudi Arabia?

And the green dots in the top map are different from the green dots in the bottom map.

I noticed that seems to show the most recent eruptions.  Comparing the eruptions with the top map does seem to show some correlation.  I couldn't find any eruption that was outside of the brown area.  Maybe it is showing ash clouds?

And another map seems to show where Kleya is located.  That map is really small but it seems like there is a green dot from the bottom map that is in the same area as Kleya's location.

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