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• 7/17/2013

A fun game:

I found a fun game:

First, you open one tab in your window to the NAV website.  Another tab is open here, on this Wiki.  You click on the Random Page once.

The page that opens is now your objective: you have to add something constructive to it.  You can either add a picture, and info, a link, correct grammar, make the structure easier to follow, etc.  If you have to, you can even click on one of the red non-existant links and make a new page.  That counts.

You can NOT go on until you have made the page better in some way.

You tally your points.

My score: 1 (Kleya's Mother)

Orange Blossom's Violist (talk) 18:22, July 17, 2013 (UTC)

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• 7/20/2013


My score: 1 (Dr. Grace).

• 7/20/2013

My score: 2 (Mina Lilly, though I also modified Avatar because of this).

• 7/20/2013

Now I'm at 3 points.  We need to get more people to come to the Forum.

I did Jane and Jake.  I found it hilarious that the random button brought me to two characters who had nearly the same names.

• 7/22/2013

My score: 3 points (Nothing Fancy).  I do the random click and then I fix a bunch of pages related to that one page.  Do I get points for those fixes or only for the initial random page?

• 7/22/2013

I don't think so; otherwise, there wouldn't be any chance for anyone else to catch up if they suddenly start deciding to play, as well.

So, it seems we are tied.

We could add a rule that, if we invite someone else to start playing, then both the invitor and the invitee get +2 points.  Agreed?

• 7/23/2013

The only change I'd make to your new rule is that they have to register to get the 2 extra points.  If they don't register, it is only 1 extra point.

And wikia has a feature called Achievements that I can enable.  Take a look at the Help file:  Maybe I should enable that and create a few achievements.  It isn't retroactive so nobody has a advantage when it starts.

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