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• 7/21/2013

Alignment Poll

A new poll has been added to the front page.  It asks what alignment Kleya's team will be: Hero vs Villain.  Reply with what you answer was and why you think so.

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• 7/21/2013

I chose Villain.  I don't see how Jane can be in a Hero group.  No one would accept that.  So even though Kleya wants to be in the Hero group, I don't think it will happen.

• 7/22/2013

I also chose villain, for the same reason that I stated on the other site.  Although, I would really like them to be heroes.

Unfortunately, because villains are generally more popular than heroes, Danni has the greatest chance of staying in the game if they're villains.  Also, being labeled as a "Villain" will increase Kleya's struggle to be a Hero, and would add more depth to the title "Not a Villain".

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