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• 7/26/2013

What is an Esone?

Any ideas?  I know that some of the more unique words are Japanese or Chinese based words.  Does Esone, or something similar, mean anything in those languages?

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• 7/25/2013
Esone is Italian for Exon which is a component of a Gene.
• 7/26/2013
So maybe Aneeka is making a play on genetics?
• 8/12/2013

Also, ESONE is, in actuality, an acronym meaning 2 things: (Yay Google!)

European Standards on Nuclear Electronics


European Studies on Norms for Electronics.

However, neither of these have anything to do with the story, and I'm sure the writer didn't think of

these when coming up with Esone.

• 4/14/2016

1) provides users with specials

2) has different amounts of power (can hold more or less specials?)

3) holds island together and moves it trough the chaos mists. (Th vilages of the tutorial island woried about the player taking their esone)


A wild esone attracts matter and forms an island floating in the chaos mists.

A wild esone may also create or attract monsters like those feindi

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