to elaborate: 

  • Where are the servers?
  • How do they power the servers and computers? Can't that energy be better utilized for more constructive purposes?
  • Why does everyone want to play this game instead of rebuild society?
  • How do they transmit power to people's homes, or maintain a solid network connection if there's a bunch of forbidden zones?
  • If there are forbidden zones, someone must have made them so. Who did it? The government? Tyrannical wasteland overlords?
  • How do isolated people know where the forbidden zones are?
  • Why do they value a MMORPG more than books, chess, conversation, card games, art, and so on? Are these things somehow more valuable in their virtual form?
  • How are outsiders able to live if they can't scavenge outside without choking, or getting burns and cancer?
  • In fact, this raises all sorts of other questions, like how can their equipment survive the solar winds?
  • If people can survive in those conditions, and if they do use the game for books, chess, conversation, card games, art, and so on because those things don't exist inside the safe zones, couldn't they scavenge for the real life equivalents?
  • If they can't survive in those conditions, what's to stop people from creating new ones in real life?
  • If people just use the game for human interaction, what happened to VOIP, SMTP, videotelephony, and other communications protocols as dictated by the IEEE 802.1 standards?

Now stretch out, take five. There's even more to come. Ready? Good.

  • Did I forget to mention that their entire economy is based on this game?
  • Who the fuck decided that it was a good idea to place the entire stability of your market off of a service which could crash at any minute? (Reminds me of something else that's hilariously broken.)
  • Why do they have the resources to keep the servers running, but not the resources to build more Oculus Rifts? What happens when they all break, does the economy implode?
  • If the economy is based off of this MMO, how do the people who run this game make a living?
  • The people in the cities are the only ones forced to pay a subscription to play, and they all pay for things like food and medicine with the game's currency, so do the people who run it have to play the game too?
  • If the game costs money for citizens, why not charge for outsiders so that the economy can thrive? Why not put them to work?
  • If the economy isn't based off of the game, why can people use its credits to buy shit?
  • Since their currency is digital in nature, what's preventing people from fabricating new credits outsideof the game and then laundering them by creating a dummy account?

It's stated that people can be forced into financial destitution if they don't make enough money to play. Not only that, but it's also stated that the kids are the ones who make money while the parents work on the farms, and the corporations only let the kids play if they keep making that money. In fact, the only featured people who are older than thirty, so far, is some old dude and his wife. And so:

  • Are the kids the only ones who make money in the game?
  • Why can't adults make money off the game too?
  • If people make money off of the game then they're allowed to keep playing the game, so why don't people just release some success guides in order to saturate the game with successful players? Wouldn't that show the corporations that their system is flawed?

And that's just the bare tip of the iceberg.