Angus Twins
Name Sapphire and Diamond
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Race NPC
Faction TENka
S and D

The Angus Twins, Sapphire and Diamond, are a pair of NPC bots programmed by TENka. They are programmed to bother newbies. They are believed to have caused the death of Nanea and caused much havoc to Danni Morretti and her partners. They were defeated by Kleya Smith's special "Hero Smiley" in their first encounter with her. They demanded to see her codes but when Danni attempted to pick a fight with them in LiFe, they quickly fled. They caused Kleya to be matched against The Bandit for the DeathMatch as a way to get even. The Bandit affectionately calls them "my girls".

They were programmed 14 months before Danni and Kleya met.

They have three specials programmed for them:? Ribbon, S____, and Wa_y.

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